Australian Army War/Tracker Dog Section in the Vietnam War

v.1.0 September 18, 2007


Mandeep Singh Bajwa


In Vietnam a two-team dog tracker section was attached to the Anti-tank platoon, which was in turn attached to the Australian infantry battalion HQ.

Each section had:
Section leader Cpl armed with a SLR (first team leader)
Section SIC Cpl SLR (second team leader)
Two Dog trackers SLR
Two war dogs
Two Visual trackers SLR, (one with M79; optional sidearm (in the case
of another team, a Python .357 Magnum)
One gunner M60
One gunner support SLR

The section had ten personnel.


The Australian Army lost 11 of its dogs in Vietnam 1967-71.


Detailed information and pictures about the Army’s war/tracker dogs in Vietnam can be found at: