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Privacy Notice Orbat.Com
v.1.1. June 2, 2002

Reviewed wth no changes June 1, 2003

Overall Policy collects no information of any sort on visitors or subscribers.

      Subscribers use their E-Mail address as their user names, but can use a made-up E-Mail address we have no requirement for a real address.

      We keep no record of passwords issued. Passwords are encrypted using 128-bit DES with a one-way algorithm; once the password has been encrypted, we ourselves would have to decrypt it to know what it is.

      We do not examine traffic patterns from our server statistics and do not attempt to trace IP addresses. The only server statistics we share with anyone are overall figures like number of hits and page views.

      We do keep a record of payments from subscribers for accounting, tax, and renewal purposes. This record contains the E-Mail address the subscriber used to send the payment to PayPal.

Personnel with Access to Subscriber Information

      Payment records, the Password File, and the server statistics are known only to the Editor. They can be accessed by the Webmaster. As part of our informal line of succession, should the Editor be unable to perform his duties, we have a provision for these records to be made available to the Executive Editor, Mr. Johann Price. He would take over as editor.

Readers are Welcome to Suggest Modifications of the Privacy Policy

      Weve tried to make our Privacy Policy as tight as possible. Readers are welcome to suggest modifications that would make the policy even more restrictive.


Ravi Rikhye [Editor]

June 2, 2002


Legal Notice
v.1.1, June 2, 2002 considers itself bound to respect all laws of the United States of America.

      It is the responsibility of writers to respect the laws of their country regarding submitted material.

      We do not censor any material except for obscene language.

      While it is our responsibility to judge the editorial worth of the material, we accept no liability for the accuracy of data published in

      We remind contributors that we have the right to ask where they obtained their material in case we receive complaints of plagiarism from persons with a direct interest in the material.

      We also remind contributors that even when falling under Fair Use, the use of material from published sources including, should be acknowledged as a courtesy to fellow-writers.

      Readers are welcome to make suggestions for a better Legal Policy.


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