The Kumaon Regiment's Battalions

Last update: October 18, 2008.


This is a holding area for information about other battalions until we have enough material for separate battalion pages.

[1 Kumaon]

Redesignated 3rd Parachute Regiment when this regiment was formed.



3 Kumaon


1965: Assigned to 114th Infantry Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, Ladakh


1971: 301st Mountain Brigade, 23rd Mountain Division, Bangladesh.


4 Kumaon


1947: Second battalion into Kashmir, October 31st.


On November 3rd, Major Somnath Sharma won the first Param Vir Chakra of the Indian Army for his actions at the Battle of Badgam. [Ed Haynes notes on his PVC website  that the award was actually sanctioned January 26th, 1950, and that coincidentally, the medal's designer was his mother-in-law.]

  PVC Ribbon [Ed Haynes]



1965: assigned to 104th Infantry Brigade, 19th Infantry Division, XV Corps, in the Tangdhar Sector of

J & K.


1971: Assigned to 81st Brigade, 8th Mountain Division, Bangladesh.


1984: First battalion into Siachin (with Ladakh Scouts). Operation Meghdoot, April.



6 Kumaon 

1962: assigned to 11th Infantry Brigade, 2nd Mountain Division, in the Walong sector.

1965: Assigned to 96th Infantry Brigade, 15th Infantry Division, XI Corps (Jullunder). The battalion advanced on the Ranian [East bank of Icchogil Canal] axis, around or on September 9, but was forced back by a strong Pakistan counterattack mounted by Pakistan 22 Brigade. The Pakistanis had to withdraw due to insufficient strength. This allowed the battalion to once again advance on September 11, and on September 12 captured Ranian, thus opening the way for a bridgehead across the Icchogil. It was then forced back by Ranian by a combined arms attack by Pakistani forces.


1971: Assigned to 74th Infantry Brigade, 54th Infantry Division, I Corps.


7 Kumaon


1971: Assigned to 68th Infantry Brigade, 10th Infantry Division (Akhnoor). The brigade was deployed east of the Tawi at Chaamb. squadron of 72 Armoured Regiment and 7 Kumaon (68 Brigade) were despatched from Akhnur to launch a counter attack to recapture Mandiala north. The regiment along with C Squadron 72 Armoured Regiment, however, reached the east bank of Tawi after last light 04 December and immediately lost its Commanding Officer due to Pakistani artillery shelling along with 4 other officers of 7 Kumaon's O Group. Thus the battalion being rendered leaderless could not be immediately deployed. Since it had reached Tawi after last light its mission was changed to take up positions on the east bank overlooking Mandiala crossing.

Amin, A. (1999) The Battle of Chamb 1971. Defence Journal, September, 1999. Retrieved October 18, 2008: ]



1980: Fights Battles at Nathu La March 22 and April 18, losing 1 officer and 17 Other Ranks.

Picture from Bharat Rakshak


1984-87: IPKF Sri Lanka (exact dates unknown)


2008: Kashmir CI; Poonch District.


8 Kumaon


1965: Assigned to 104th Infantry Brigade, 19th Infantry Division, XV Corps, in the Tangdhar Sector of J & K.


9 Kumaon


1965: Assigned to 69th Mountain Brigade, 6th Mountain Division, I Corps.


1884: Operation Blue Star. Battalion tasked to take the Guru Ram Das Serai on early morning of June 5, then extend its control to the entire hostel complex.


10 Kumaon


Regimental Center


11 Kumaon


1984-87: IPKF Sri Lanka (exact dates unknown)


12 Kumaon


1971: assigned to 61st Mountain Brigade, 57th Mountain Division.


13 Kumaon


1962: 114th Infantry Brigade, Rezangla and Magar Hills, [Chushul, Ladakh]


1994: Kashmir Counter Insurgency. Subedar Sujjan Singh posthumously wins the Regiment's third Ashok Chakra.


2004: On UN service, UNMEE Eritrea-Ethiopia.


14 Kumaon


1965: Assigned to 62nd Mountain Brigade, 25th Infantry Division (Rajouri), XV Corps.


1971: 181st Mountain Brigade, 23rd Mountain Division.


1976: Became 5 Mechanized Infantry Regiment.

15 Kumaon 


1965: CO: LTC A. Joseph. Originally deployed with 191 Brigade for the anti-tank defense of Mandiala Crossing. Along with a troop of 20 Lancers, the battalion was initially able to hold Pakistan 13 Cavalry on September 1. But as 191 Brigade positions were overrun by the enemy, on the same night the battalion withdrew as ordered across the Tawi.


Subsequently assigned to 41st Mountain Brigade, a reinforcement for 10th Infantry Division after the fall of Chaamb-Jaurian, the battalion participated in the offensive on September 10, but pulled back when the brigade transferred to XI Corps on the night of 10/11 September. By September 12, the brigade was deployed on the Hudiara Drain, relieving 96th Brigade. That same day 41st Brigade was shifted to 4th Mountain Division.


1971: Assigned to 31st Brigade, 11th Infantry Division (Barmer axis).


1984: CO LTC N.C. Pant. Operation Blue Star. First two Ashok Chakras won (posthumously) by Major Bhukant Mishra and Naik Nirbhay Singh. On June 5, two companies of the battalion reinforce two companies of 7 Garwhal and attempt to take the insurgent positions in the Akal Takht.


1990s: Kashmir. Regiment's fourth Ashok Chakra awarded posthumously to

Naik Ranbeer Singh Tomar.


16 Kumaon


1984-87: IPKF Sri Lanka (exact dates unknown)


17 Kumaon


1971: Fought as part of 340th Mountain Brigade, 20 Mountain Division, XXXIII Corps.


18 Kumaon


1984-87: IPKF Sri Lanka (exact dates unknown)


19 Kumaon


2008: North Eastern Counter Insurgency