Indian Army – Kargil War 1999

v.2.1 April 22, 2012


Mandeep S. Bajwa

Additional units by Ravi Rikhye 




The 740-km line of control was divided into the Southern, Central, and Northern Sectors. The war was fought in the Northern Sector which consisted of four subsectors:



Kargil (including Batalik)

Shingo (Kaksar)





Northern Command 

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Photo credit PVS Jagan Mohan


XV Corps 

XV Corps Artillery Brigade 


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Photo credit PVS Jagan Mohan


HQ 8 Mountain Division (ex Sharifabad, Valley) 

8 Mountain Artillery Brigade (division artillery)


121(Independent) Infantry Brigade Group (Kargil) (normally assigned to Kargil sector)

16 Grenadiers

4 Jat

3 Punjab

10 Garhwal


Det 17 Guards (ATGM)


56 Mountain Brigade (Matayan)

16 Grenadiers

18 Grenadiers (Grenadier Yoginder Singh Yadav, PVC)

8 Sikh

1 Naga

2 Raj Rif

18 Garhwal

13 JAK Rif (2 PVC, Capt. Vikram Batra, posthumous; Rflmn. Sanjay Singh)

1/3 GR

9 Para Cdos

Det 17 Guards (ATGM) 

50 (Independent) Parachute Brigade (ex Army HQ Reserves)

6 Parachute

7 Parachute

1 Parachute Commandos

Det 19 Guards (ATGM) 

192 Mountain Brigade (part of division)

18 Grenadiers

8 Sikh

9 Para Cdos

Det 17 Guards (ATGM)


79 Mountain Brigade (Dras

 17 Jat

28 RR

12 Mahar

13 JAK Rif

2 Naga

9 Para Cdos

Det 17 Guards (ATGM)



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Muslims must wash before prayer, at least their hands. But there are exceptions for people such as soldiers: hands can be washed with sand or clean dirt. The soldier in the foreground is a Junior Commissioned Officer, perhaps in command of a platoon.

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Captain Karnal Sher Khan and Havaldar Lalak Jan, both of 12 NLI, posthumously received Pakistan highest gallantry award, the Nishar-i-Haider for the Battle of Tiger Hill



3 Infantry Division (Leh

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Photo credit PVS Jagan Mohan

3 Artillery Brigade (divisional artillery)


70 Infantry Brigade Group (ex Demchok, China border)


1 Bihar 4/3 GR

22 Grenadiers


10 Para Cdos

1 Bihar

Indus Wing Ladakh Scouts

Karakoram Wing Ladakh Scouts

17 Garhwal

5 Para

14 Sikh

Det 19 Guards (ATGM)

4 Field Artillery

15 Field Artillery

307 Medium Regiment



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102 (Independent) Infantry Brigade Group (Shyok River

         Valley) (normally under command 3 Division)


11 Rajputana Rifles

9 Mahar

13 Kumaon

27 Rajput

Det High Altitude Warfare School Permanent Cadre

Det 19 Guards (ATGM) 


Kargil Theatre Artillery

(these arty units took part in the War serving under various formations) 


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Photo credit BBC


Lt = Light; Fd = Field; Med = Medium; Hvy Mor = Heavy Mortar


4 Fd Regt

15 Fd Regt

41 Fd Regt

108 Med Regt

139 Med Regt

141 Fd Regt

153 Med Regt

158 Med Regt

197 Fd Regt

212 Rocket Regt

244 Hvy Mor Regt

253 Med Regt

255 Fd Regt

286 Med Regt

305 Med Regt

307 Med Regt

315 Fd Regt

1861 Lt Regt

1889 Lt Regt



Other battalions (higher HQ unclear)


This list is compiled from newspaper and casualty reports.


5 Special Frontier Force (Vikas Force)

663 Reconnaissance & Observation Squadron

668 Reconnaissance & Observation Squadron

1/11 GR (Batalik sector, Capt. Manoj Kumar Pandey, PVC (Posthumous)

13 Punjab

12 Grenadiers

22 Grenadiers

7 Jat?

14 Sikh LI ?

9 Rashtriya Rifles

14 Rashtriya Rifles

17 Rashtriya Rifles

11 Sikh

3 J&K Rifles

16 Dogras

Dogra Scouts

5 Rajput

9 Mahar


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3 of 6 graduates of the Army Public Schools killed at Kargil. From left to right, these officers belonged to 17 Jats; 2 Rajputana Rifles; and 9 Mahar. The photograph of Captain Nayyar must be just after his commissioning in June 1987; Lieutenants Thapar and Verma were commissioned in December 1998. All three were perhaps 22-23 years of age.






  1. The reason many inf bns are mentioned under different formations is that they fought the War at different times under different bdes/divs.
  2. I have not been able to find out which arty regt served with which arty bde therefore they’ve all been grouped together.
  3. Detachments of MILAN ATGM teams from 17 and 19 Guards served with all formations.
  4. 50(I) Para Bde were successively AHQ reserve, North Comd reserve and XV Corps reserve ultimately fighting the War under 8 Mtn Div. They were kept close by for purposes of acclimatization the contingency plan calling for them to be dropped north of the Line of Control.